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White Writing Board

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Single Sided Magnetic or Non-Magnetic White Board with Aluminium Frame
-Instan Write on/Wipe off
-Aluminium Frame (All Edges are Nylon-Covered for Extra Safety)
-Plywood Backing For Extra Strength
-Can be Mounted on Optional Stand with Castor for Easier Mobility
Board Dimension Available:
  1) 1'H x 1'L 
  2) 1"H x 1.5L 
  3) 1'H x 2'L
  4) 1.5'H x 2'L
  5) 2'H x 2'L
  6) 2'H x 3'L
  7) 2'H x 4'L
  8) 3'H x 3'L
  9) 3'H x 4'L
10) 3'H x 5'L
11) 3'H x 6'L
12) 4'H x 4'L
13) 4'H x 5'L
14) 4'H x 6'L
15) 4'H x 8'L
16) 4'H x 10'L
17) 4'H x 12'L

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