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Wing Board Sytem

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Wing Board Sytem
-Ideal for rooms with limited Space
-Separated Pen-Tray Included for easy eccess to Markers & Erasers
-2 Wings Panels open up to create a large writing space to share more information within limited wall space,
-Magnetic lock to secure Panels
-Custome Combination of White Boards & Chalk Bords can be made.

Overall Dimension Board Available:

        Centre Surface             Wing Surface               Opened Surface                Folded Size   
1)  1200H x 1200W x 20D     1200H x 600W x 20D      1200H x 2400W x 20D      1200H x 1200W x 40D      
2)  1200H x 1500W x 20D     1200H x 750W x 20D      1200H x 3000W x 20D      1200H x 1500W x 40D 
3)  1200H x 1800W x 20D     1200H x 900W x 20D      1200H x 3600W x 20D      1200H x 1800W x 40D 
4)  1200H x 2400W x 20D     1200H x 1200W x 20D    1200H x 4800W x 20D      1200H x 2400W x 40D 

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